Is Qubicle dead?


There have been no updates in over a year. Nothing from the official Twitter account in just as long. Just wondering what the roadmap is from here…


@Hyoscine I have contacted the official Qubicle dev, he said:

I can fully understand your concern. I have been very silent lately. The reason for that is that I am currently rewriting Qubicle which takes my full attention. I saw the necessity to do so because the feature requests that I got are no longer compatible with the core libraries. The new version will include a new render engine that supports PBR among loads of other very useful things that I don’t want to disclose at this moment. Rest assured that I don’t have nor ever had any intention to drop this project. I will go public with a list of new features as soon as I feel comfortable to confirm them. Rewriting a software is a long process and I can’t name any ETA at this point. I do work on this fulltime since late 2016. Long story short: no worries, I won’t disappoint you.


So I am impatient about it to since I love Qubicle, but from that, I really do feel good knowing that Qubicle has great future ahead.

I suggest you email him about any feature requests you have here: Support:

Updated minecraft color maps?

That’s good to hear, thanks for the update.


Great news! I had emailed the address:

“I’d like to buy Qubicle, but wanted to know if it’s going to continue to be supported and will have more updates? Thank you!!”

but never heard anything back. I bought it anyway because it looked to be the best for game development. So this is great to hear, and hopefully an upgrade discount. Thanks!



I’m also willing to pay more money to keep this editor up and running. I’m using it for game development and I like it above the other voxel editors out there. Please keep up development. And maybe even look for a new payment model to earn money with it. I think the payment model for the Qubicle editor at the moment is a bit behind of modern editors. I’m sure much more money can be made with this editor. Have you already looked into good investors and proper marketing etc?


@Jojoba007 Btw I don’t develop the software, I’m a user like you. But I agree, this is the top voxel software imo, and I really cannot wait until the next update.