Is it possible to subdivide an object?


Let’s say I have a 3x3x3 matrix of cubes. Is there some way to divide each cube into 2 cubes, creating a 6x6x6 matrix?

(before -> after)


Yes, use Transform -> Scale (2,2,2)


A better way for this situation is to use inter scale instead. The regular scale should only be used for floating numbers. Integer scale. An be found in the transform menu


“Integer Scale” resize model, making it bigger. But if I don’t want to make model/matrix bigger, what should I do to add some more details to completed mesh?
BTW, not so pretty much information about “Integer Scale” around…


That’s currently the only way to add more detail. Local scale on an per object base is on my to-do list.


This is sounds great! Hope you have enough time to develop/include that kind of tool in future!


Just make it bigger then change the output Unit Scale Factor to 1/amount you scaled up


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I believe all voxels within a Qubicle file/model by definition have the same absolute size. So increasing voxel resolution automatically means increasing size. More voxels — bigger object. I believe variable voxel size within the same Qubicle file would have such an impact on the whole architecture that it wouldn’t be worth it. Besides this problem is solvable via other methods in case Qubicle is only a part of you3 3D pipeline. Like all kinds of scale factors, export voxel sizes etc.

EDIT: Qubicle developer said that separate matrices may have their own scale in the future. Ok, that might be close to what you want actually.