Interactive pivot change


We can scale the size with nice interactive handlers but when we want to change pivot position it is like using DOS text interface. Choose menu then drop box then another drop box and when small window appears we can change numbers in input boxes … but we cant rotate the screen to check pivot because it is locked.

Please make this option accesible from icon menu and just let us change this by moving handles with some info about relative position. Doing few buttons like snap left, right top bottom center would make this interface super friendly.

Every time when you rotate voxels they rotate around center not pivot … then you need to adjust pivot again and again.


ok, thanks. I’ll put it on the list.


I’d love to be able to enter into a pivot “modify” mode similar to Maya’s “D” key option. Setting them by X,Y,Z is OK, but harder to do visually. Alternately, seeing the pivot clearer as an X-Ray view would be welcome; maybe add it as a visibility toggle?