Imported .vox files from magicavoxel use wrong colors


Hi, I recently started using Qubicle and I’m trying to import some of my existing MagicaVoxel models. It looks like Qubicle supports importing .vox files, so I’m just importing the files directly without exporting them from MagicaVoxel first. It’s almost perfect, except for what looks like an off-by-one error in reading the color palette – for instance if my MagicaVoxel model uses the 2nd color in the palette, Qubicle switches all those voxels to using the 3rd color in the palette.

I’m not familiar with the internals of the vox format so I don’t know if MagicaVoxel is doing something weird here, but this off-by-one color indexing is consistent on the 4 models I tried importing.


I’m able to export the MagicaVoxel models to .qb format and then import them into Qubicle and I end up with the correct colors, so fortunately there’s an easy workaround.