How to export an texture like MagicVoxle


Hi, i just recently purchased Qubicle.

i use MagicVoxel before , and i found out Qubicle export setting is different from MagicVoxel, here is a image to explain

i have try Optimization type with None, Noe-Manifold, Manifold/Watertight. none of them have the same result.

for my case , i use Unity, and use several modle to combin a scene, so if i can get every modle with a very small texture and part optimized mesh , then i can combin the entire scene with one big mesh and a small texture later.

the reason not use None as the optimization ,is that will keep each voxel block separately. with an entire scene all use separate voxel block , the combin process will be disaster , i try twice , all cause Unity crash…

so any idea how to achieve that?



The idea in qubicle is to put all objects in 1 qubicle file. (can’t be done in Magicka) Then Qubicle will generate 1 big combined atlas texture for every object. In Magica you just generate pallette texture. Every different color pixel on flat surface is a 2 triangles. For example a noisy green tree texture will have alot of vertex … in qubicle it will be just plain texture and 2 triangles.