How to erase voxels along an axis (pierce)?


I’ve only been trying Qubicle for the last hour but one of the more fundamental features I expected to be available is to erase all voxels along an axis in either direction. From what I can find on this forums this is called “piercing”. However, I can’t find such an option in UI nor any instructions on it anywhere. Please help.


Hey, I know the feature you are talking about, but Qubicle doesn’t exactly have it. So to delete across an axis, you could use the “rectangular select” tool and select all the voxels in that area and then delete. You can also use “Box select tool” and hold control then delete, this tool allows t=you to select the region in any direction but as a box. Also, id check out the “Learn” area on the website. If you want feature requests, plz contact here:


You can use the cam cube, set your view perpendicular to the axis you want to delete, then use the rectangular select tool to select the rows you want to delete. If you click a box, it will only select that one box. If you drag over a single box, it will select all boxes on that axis, through the model.