How to correctily export for UE4?


Hi! I Bought a copy of Qubicle and the mesh export module on Steam to work with UE4 (.fbx files), but i don’t know how to set up my export settings to have the best results, can someone help me with some kind of preset for that?


I am not very familiar with UE but you might want to have a look at this post that was recently added:

If you could do me a favor test it and tell me how it worked out for you I will update the knowledge base with the setup recommend


Thank you for your answer. I’ll test it today and come back later to tell you if it worked. I would like to see more about Unreal in the documentation, because the current content seems a bit old, part of the UI is different now.


I gave it a try and it works, the main problem was the shadows, they was looking really weird, so the secret to solve the problem is to disable the “cast shadow” option on each actor, which might seems to be a problem, but it’s not, because we’re using some blocky graphics and look really good without shadows (the ambient occlusion remains), they don’t need to be realistic. Anyway, the guide works but i think i can improve it, so give me sometime to wrote a better one that you can use on your website, ok?


That would be awesome! Thanks for your help!


Were you able to figure out how to make a proper UV for UE4 ? I bought this thinking I wouldn’t have to use a billion other programs to fix a UV. . I been looking everywhere and none of the solutions actually work anymore or are very out dated, I started a topic on a proper UE4 workflow but no one has answered. .