How do I pan the camera vertically?


I’ve figured out how to change my angle of view, but how do I shift the point of focus around?

Often when I try to zoom in on an area to work on, the part of the model I’m interested quickly moves off screen as I zoom in. How do I “move” the camera downward? I found the camera properties dialog, but I can’t find a keyboard shortcut or an item in the menus.


you should use framing shorcut f to center the cameras rotation/zoom on an object’s center


Admin, this doesn’t answer the question properly


Try this:

  1. Mouse right button to rotate
  2. Mouse wheel to zoom
  3. Mouse middle button to drag

Alternative try different mouse buttons with Alt or Alt+Shift.


It has been observed that shifting the point of focus is not very smooth. You can download the latest firmware from apple customer service chat and I hope this updated firmware will solve the problem.