[FIXED] Option to remove selection preview


Basically, either can you guys add an option to remove the selection preview, to make recolouring blocks easier, or can you make it so when you select ‘hue and saturation’ it removes the selection preview temporarily.

So let’s say I want to recolour a bunch of blocks. I pick the magic selection tool, select all the blue-ish ones and then change their colour with ‘hue and saturation.’ This is not possible as the selection preview recolours the blocks.

The only way to recolour blocks, that I know of, is to select the blocks, detatch them, click out of the matrix, select the detached blocks, go back in to the matrix and recolour them there, then go back and reattach them.



this is implemented in 3.0


The video showing the selection disappear looks very nice(saw it in Youtube, Qubicle 3.0 getting started), it is surely helps a lot when adjusting colors, brightness, .etc, however I can’t see the effect on my Mac (latest version 3.0.2), let me know if there is something like options or anything I missed to have it working just like in the video.



fixed. coming with 3.0.3