[FIXED] Incorrect source attributes in collada export


In the exported collada files it appears that the #-character is missing in the accessor source attributes for Matrix-position-array, Matrix-color-array and Matrix-normal-array.


Not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate? I might have overlooked something. What is the problem when # is missing?
Thanks for your help


I’ve exported a model/matrix that is only one voxel big. And I have my dae-file. At approximately line 56 there is a tag float_array with id Matrix_1_position-array and a couple of lines down there is an accessor tag with the source attribute Matrix_1_position-array and the application where I import the dae file complains about that line. When I open the file in notepad and add the #-character to the source attribute it will stop complaining.

There are three places in the file where there are source attributes that is missing the #-character, if you search through an exported dae-file you will find several tags with source attribute, some has #-character and some don’t.

It’s easy to fix using notepad, but it seems like this is a problem that perhaps should be easy enough to fix for you.


Thanks to your help I was able to quickly fix this. Will come with the next release this week.
Can you tell me which program you use to import the dae? I never had problems with all the tools I used so far.
Thanks again!


I use my qubicle models with App Game kit. And it’s also the first time I’ve encountered this particular problem.


Thanks for the update!
I have just released the new version. Please let me know if it helped!