[FIXED] Exporting problems with Obj in 3.0.4



this was working in Qubicle previous main version 2.

As I created a model in qubicle and separate it into limbs with centered pivots, I need to export to OBJ to load in Blender.

The result to import the obj in blender is:

rearranging all the pieces together and making a mesh

I suppose this is a bug, since it seems the export is corrupted.

Hope you could bring some light on this.

Thanks in advance



thanks for the report. looks like the preserve position option is not passed through. I’ll try to add a fix to 3.0.5


was easy to fix. done. coming to 3.0.5


Great! thanks! When is the release schedule for release? :slight_smile:


good news: the release is today :wink:


hello, how can I get new release? I’m having loooooong times exporting to vox in order to render the items… Also just bought your product (75$) but I can’t render properly… and I’ve to export to magica in order to do a render… but now I find out that the export is crashed… can you help me with this?



If you purchased Qubicle through the website, please go here to download the latest update: https://www.getqubicle.com/updates/ On Steam, the program will update automatically.

To accurately diagnose your export issues, please give us a more detailed description of the problem.

In the future, you can send us an email at support@minddesk.com or start a new thread on the forum, so we are more likely to see your request.