[FIXED] Create Terrain with Gradient: All voxels are black


I just upgraded to Qubicle 3.0 Pro from Qubicle 2.5.8. Qubicle is very important to my current project, and I upgraded for the new features. Creating terrain is also important for my project, but Qubicle 3 Pro seems to have some issues with such.

When creating a terrain (Create -> Terrain), if I select Gradient for above or below ground, those voxels turn solid black. It doesn’t matter what gradient I choose - all the voxels are black. The only gradient that works is “Black and White.”
There is also an option for “underground” that says “TRANSLATION NOT FOUND.”
See the following screenshots.
I am using Qubicle 3.1.1 Pro. I have reinstalled it with no success in getting terrain gradients to work.

I can still use Qubicle 2.5.8 for the time being, but I really would like to move all asset production to Qubicle 3 Pro and not have to juggle the two versions. :slight_smile: If this has been reported before, I apologize - I was unsuccessful in searching for a report.


Hey there, thanks for the report. Looks like you found a bug that sneaked in with the new translation feature. I will fix that asap


I was able to find and fix the bug.
Fix will come with the next release.
Thanks again!


Awesome, glad to hear that! :smile: Does that also include the gradient-is-all-black, or just the translation not found thing?


of course both…