[FIXED] Cant open qubicle 3.0.6 steam version?


Hey, Im having a big problem as I rely on qubicle for all my game’s modeling and all of a sudden today, after 3.0.6 was automatically downloaded, Im unable to open qubicle either through steam or on desktop.

I get the above error. I have the steam indie version for $30 - Ive been using it for over a month and its been awesome. But I cant have this happen. Ive tried restarting computer, steam, deleting qubicle and reinstalling, logging out everything. It will not open.

Has anyone else experienced this? What am I doing wrong?


Yes, I have the same problem. I can use qubicle on my PC, but on Mac I have this message.


What should we do? Do you have the full version or same steam version?


I have Steam Indie version…I don’t know what to do )) Only wait the answer from support.
But I think that the reason in my sitution- because I launched Qubicle in my PC first…and license attached to him.
But it is strange-I haven’t got same problems with other applications or games from stream.
P.S: sorry for my english )


Hey, but it works without any problems at another PC…


But I only have a mac


Yes, I mean that problem with MacOs license… ((( Hmmm.


Do the qubicle people usually respond to forum posts like this?


Hey guys,
sorry for the problem. A hotfix was just released that fixes the issue.
Please restart Steam and the update will apply automatically.