FBX export scale option/toggle


Basically, a bit of a weird feature, but I did some testing.

It seems that when FBX files are exported from Qubicle, they are exported much smaller than OBJ. 100 times to be exact.

Basically, it seems the voxel scale for each voxel when using OBJ format is 1 metre to 1 voxel when setting the texel size to 1.

When setting the scale to the same texel scale to 1 in FBX format however, it exports as 1cm. That is 1/100th of what OBJ does and also incredibly tiny. This isn’t just being mentioned because it’s inconsistent, but I think making your “texel scale” more consistent as a measuring unit would help the application.

I think it would just be very convenient to just program is slightly differently for FBX files to make texel size mean more to the artist using Qubicle. So, if i exported an OBJ or FBX (The most commonly used by far I imagine when using artwork for game engines) It would be nice to have them be the same size without having the artist have to figure out the math of why one is so tiny.

Here is a reference image as well. The box on the left is a single OBJ exported voxel.
The box on the right is a default Unity Cube created and is at its default size.
The tiny tiny box you may have to squint to see in the middle is a single FBX exported voxel.

This caused me a bit of hassle, so I thought I’d just recommend a change oneday. Even just multiplying the Texel scale by 100 in FBX exports would fix this issue perfectly so I thought it would be easy to look into for FBX’s at least. Considering how common the two file types are as well for exports, them playing nice in size is good too.

It is also worth noting when objects as small as the FBX export was. Shadows in game engines won’t work very effectively. Shadows in Unity at least can’t project themselves off of a 1cm tall wall and make it as high definition and beautiful as a much more realistically scaled wall.


Have the same problem. Have all export FBX parameters set to 1 yet one voxel turns out to be 0.01 Unity units/meters. Expected is of course 1 voxel to 1 Unity unit / meter. Please fix. Thanks!