Extrude tool qubicle


Would have as an option in the extrude tool to increase or decrease a cube volume with the same color surface.

I found the current one very difficult to use.


sorry, but I didn’t understand the request… can you elaborate?


Please watch the video.

The way to create volume is much faster than in Qubicle. And I’d like to use something easier on Qubicle.


Still not sure what exactly you want. It’s a time lapse after all :wink:
Do you want to automatically extrude areas of same color? So instead of dragging a rectangle in first step you just take the contiguous area of same color?


Yes! I really like how magicaVoxel works this, it is much faster to model.

Also the mirror part leaves the modeling simpres … please take a look at magicaVoxel, I think if you review this tool Qubicle only has to win.

Also the camera part and movement by keyboard will help a lot!


Please review this, it would help a lot this … because I spent a lot of time filling up spaces being that just having a tool fill empty spaces.


I have noted you request. I will add a faster way to pick for extrude.


Where do I find this?