Extrude not being committed to mesh on pressing enter key


extrude tool works as described in tutorial, until hitting “enter” key:
extruded portion of mesh returns to original state.

on a 2009 macbook pro enter key and return key possibly treated differently? (key mapping-wise)

ex: on keyboard with num pad there are separate enter and return keys (though they perform the same function)

(didn’t see any posts with the same issue)

please help!



You probably accidentally assigned return to a different action.
easiest way to undo, is Help > Reset Qubicle

you can also re-assign the shortcut to Tools > Apply/Attach

If you don’t know how to assign keyboard shortcuts look here:


I also noticed the Extrude doesn’t commit if even one newly extruded voxel is outside of the working area. Just an improvement suggestion would be to commit the part that’s in the working area / clip by it instead of simply neglecting the whole operation.

@trashpanda could this actually be your problem?