Exporting matrix with various voxels inside as various different .fbx files for unity



As you can read the title, i wanna do that.

But not matter what i do, when i import the .fbx file (i suppose that if i want to export as different and separated objects, there should be more than 1 exported .fbx file, right?), unity show all of them as one.

Is there a way to generate multiple .fbx files from a matrix with 48 different and separated voxels inside it?



Make sure you separate the different parts of the model to different matrixes. This will still keep all the different models in one file, but when you import that single FBX file to unity there should be all the models you separated from each other in Qubicle but now you can select them individually. If you really want each model to be exported as its standalone file, then you’d have to go with OBJ since there is a setting for that.

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What i am testing/trying to export is:

I have a matrix which have 48 characters of my game.

Instead of manually export each of them in separated matrixes, i wanna export them all inside the same matrix as different .fbx files, so, it saves some time which i can use for other things.

Is that possible? Because i am trying to export, and even choosing ‘One File Per Object’ for Mesh and textures, when i import the single .fbx file that is generated/exported inside unity3d, the unity3d program import them as a single object.

Is there a way, sinde unity3d or even inside qubicle which let unity3d recognize those 48 characters as different 3d objects?



@Machow8 What you’re asking is already built in.

Like the way to do that is that you select all the models/matrixes (make sure they’re named IN Qubicle) you want to export>then choose FBX hit export> you’ll be brought to that export menu where you name the FBX file (this doesn’t affect the names of the matrixes you set in Qubicle)>When you import to Unity, you will see all the models selected, but you will be able select and each of the models.

I forgot to mention the last post, that it only works if you select the models in Qubicle, they all have to be in separate matrixes, so select them with the select tool, then click Export.

That’s the only way to put it, it works for me.

Check out this link: http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=51