Export voxels with different materials


Hi guys! I make voxel models for coloring game. I need export models from Qubicle with separated voxels and a different material for each color.

I used cubes export (.fbx). It helps with separating voxels. But then I need apply materials to cubes with the same color manually in Blender or Max. It’s a long way.

I know, that the previous version of Qubicle had the possibility to export .obj file with separated voxels and different materials by colors, but I can’t find this feature now.

Do you know how to solve this problem with export from Qubicle? Or maybe it can be solved with Blender or Max?



I found the solution in the “Learn Qubicle Knowledge data base”, so long story short it is possible to export each voxel of the model. you have to go to the very top menu File>Export>Cubes.

You can read about it here http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=78&oid=20



I use this type of export. But it doesn’t allow to have multi material ( one material per color). I found information about this feature in 1 version of program for obj. export http://minddesk.com/wiki/index.php?title=Qubicle_Constructor_1%3AExporting_As_Wavefront_OBJ_Tutorial

But I don’t see it in new version.


I’m kind of confused, so are you saying when you open it in a 3rd party 3d application like Blender, it doesn’t allow you to apply the texture on all the individual voxels?