Export Triangulation Errors


Exporting this ‘simple’ object as a .fbx with the options shown in the screenshot produces triangulation issues. Specifically, half of the object is triangulated correctly whilst the lower half has overlapping edges.



After a little research, I found that Blender 2.8 has a ‘Triangulate’ modifier that has a ‘Beauty’ option, which is a little slower but produces artist-friendly meshes in all of the tests I’ve thrown at it. Not sure if something similar could be implemented! :slight_smile:




@Fluffy You could test adding edge bleed. I’ve found that to occasionally work.


Thanks for replying! I did try it out of interest, but unfortunately have the same result. It’s a geometry error due to bad triangulation. For some reason, the lower half of the object has overlapping/double edges causing the problems visible in the screenshot. I’ve rebuilt the object from scratch and it’s easily repeatable if you want to test for yourself. It’s just a diamond shape - 40x40 blocks with 4 blocks at each compass point.

If the developer could fix this issue by implementing something similar to Blender’s ‘Beauty’ triangulation, it’d be truly awesome news for any game developer - better than any other feature I can think of. There’s little point for us if we can’t get the data out as we need it.

I understand the developer is working on a new version (which is exciting!) but a fix for this is more important for us.

Not sure if it’s of any use but maybe this is the GitHub page for the triangulation code?