Export Preferences and Shortcuts for View



Loving the software more with every hour!

Just wondering if there is a way to save obj export settings for future use? There is a feature like this in Blender and it’s very useful.

Also, is there a way to switch between views with a shortcut key? I use front and side a lot, so a shortcut would be great.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


@devstudent2014 Currently Qubicle from my research does not have a save export settings.

Id check out all of the articles here: http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=78
http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=77 http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=77 http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=30 http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=74 http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=18 http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=99 http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=88 http://minddesk.com/learn/article.php?id=51

I suggest also reading everything in the “Learn” database, like read everything (it won’t take that long). You can find the main database here: http://www.minddesk.com/learn/

If you have any other problems, that cant be resolved by reading the “Learn” database or cant be solved on this forum, then I suggest contacting the developer here: http://www.minddesk.com/contact.php

Good luck! I hope I helped: :slight_smile: