Error when trying to edit Minecraft block IDs


Hello, just bought Qubicle today and I’m experiencing a bug trying to edit the block IDs for exporting to Minecraft .schematic.

I go to Games > Minecraft > Edit Blocks and get this error:

ERROR: An uncaught exception occurred during the execution of AcnEditMinecraftBlocks Please report the bug


(Should that be “CanEditMinecraftBlocks”?)

I have the Qubicle 3.1.2 Indie Edition purchased via Steam.

Please advise if there is a workaround for associating colors to Minecraft block IDs for exporting to .schematic.

Thank you



Tbh I don’t know much about exporting to Minecraft from Qubicle, but I will say that the Steam version of Qubicle tends to have the most issues.

I would try looking in the to find more info on exporting to Minecraft.

If nothing else works, contact: