[DONE] Voxelizer Mesh Scaling - would like additional scaling method


Would like a way of importing a mesh to have it fit perfectly inside a desired matrix size. Instead of using Scale Mesh would prefer to rescale by defining the destination Matrix Size.

At the moment the only option for scaling meshes is by using float values in the Scale Mesh Dialog and these values are not precise enough to get the desired values and the trial and error approach to hit the right matrix dimensions is not always a desired workflow.

Use Case Example: Importing a mesh and would very much like to have it imported to fit exactly inside a matrix with height of 226. No matter what amount I put into the float value for Matrix/Mesh Scale I can’t hit that value. In this case I need an alternative method.


Ok, that’s reasonable. I am not sure if this will work 100%, though. But I’ll put it on the list


I have developed your requested feature. Will come with the next release Q3.1.2


Hello Tim, thank you so much for this scaling option, as you have said above that you are not 100% this will work, so I’ll just let you know that it currently crashed Qubicle once I click the action menu.