Customizing Qubicle?


So i’ve been use qubicle 3.0 for a while and have always felt very comfortable with the setup. However, lately I’ve been working with some other talented people that have started their Qubicle experience much earlier than I. And they are stuck using 2.0 beta because they prefer a few settings that are present in the beta, but not 3.0. One of the main concerns, is a small issue imo. They prefer to get in and out of editing their matrices by pressing Q. I was able to rebind the hotkey pretty easily, but it seems 3.0 doesn’t allow you to assign more then one action to a single key (like a toggle) . If anyone has any idea of how to achieve this in 3.0, i would be so grateful!

One other issue I’m having, has to do with the Game I’m using Qubicle to work with. It seems all the models that are imported from the game are backwards, in relation to the ViewCube. So when facing the Front of the model, you are facing the Back of the Viewcube. I know it’s a pretty simple issue to work around, by rotating the model while working and re-rotating it before exporting. But allot of people in the community don’t feel comfortable doing that all the time, so if anyone has ANY idea of how to reset the Face positions of the ViewCube that would be so amazing. Thank you all for you help, I look forward to hearing back from everyone.