Curious question about program-made content with qubicle


as of recent I had some of my minecraft projects/schematics removed from planetminecraft from stuff used with Qubicle. and I don’t know if anyone from qubicle is associated with planetminecraft. or has done any takedown on minecraft projects only. but If I make a voxel art wether it’s a kv6, schematic or QB. does that mean I own the rights to those voxel files and images I create with the software. or is it the other way around that It’s only the rights from minddesk.

But I do want to make things clear that.

  1. I bought the steam version of Qubicle
  2. I’m not interested in the commercial version for the voxel projects/videos. just making the voxels for interests.
  3. It’s only the minecraft schematics and world saves I upload to PM.

whatever reason I get from this. I would like to learn a little bit so incase something bad happens I try to get used to things quicker.


It is unlikely your work was pulled from planetminecraft by Tim. The creator of Qubicle and he is I believe the only person with rights to do so on Qubicles behalf.

It is far more likely PlanetMinecraft removed your posts due to violating their rules. Either copying other peoples content and reuploading it, uploading content not considered minecraft related. Etc.

What ever rules that website has apply to you. They could have removed it for any number of reasons and you should contact THEIR support there to know why they removed it. Only they know this, if they even have an organised enough system to know why in the first place.

Finally, unless you legally agree to terms saying otherwise. Such as a legally binding contract, all work of your own creation is considered your own. If you create work that is completely unique, it is your own creative work and can not be stolen from you. This means that unless there was a EULA stating otherwise, all of the work you ever do in any software is your own. This means no one can take your work and claim it is their own, nor profit in any way from your work in a non-transformative manner.


That makes a lot of sense that If you made your content through qubicle. you pretty much own whatever you make. If anything on planetminecraft as I do a little more research. for the most part I think it mainly number of reasons why it got taken down. because It was kinda difficult. seeing if someone gave me a source for proof. which wouldn’t be the case anyway. but I wasn’t satisfied about that.

Thanks for clearing things up. I really appreciated that support. and It was pretty informative of you doing so. c: