Corrupted Save File

  1. I exported a model as a .FBX
  2. Attempted to import the mesh into RobloxLua.
  3. The model had to many triangles
  4. Went back to Qubicle to edit my model
  5. Attempted to export it again but received an error (i don’t remember what it said)
  6. Tried to save the .qbcl file
  7. Got an error that said something like ‘[File Name] is in use in another software’
  8. Tried to close Qubicle, but got another error that said something about Steam
  9. After trying to close it a couple times, i used the Task Manager to force close Qubicle
  10. When i reopened Qubicle, I tried to reopen my save file, but an error occurred saying: “Can’t Open “C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Qubicle 3.0\Weapons.qbcl”. The file is corrupted.”