Corrupted files after format my Mac


Sup, recently I format my Mac, I’m using macOS Mojave on my 2018 macbook pro.

After installing Qubicle 3.1.2 Indie edition I found that all my qbcl files are corrupted, when I try to import, just shows a white screen with the error.

I’m not sure whats happens, but seens like all the qbcl files I saved using my mac, are corrupted, I already try to open the files on another mac and on windows 10 but I have the same always the same problem.

I don’t know what to do, someone gets this error? When I try to import the qblc to project instead of open the qbcl file, I get this log:


Thanks in advance!


fixed that by using time machine and go back to my last backup… not sure whats happen…