Corrupted file / duplicate not allowed


Hi, can’t use qubicle now for some reason. I try to open a file and I get a “file corrupted” error. Creating a new model and saving it pops a new error called “Duplicates not allowed.”.

It all started when I imported a 2d image to work with in qubicle. Never happened with qubicle in version 2.0. Seems like it started when I switched to steam 3.1.2

I wish it would be fix I really liked the software…


Very strange never heard of this problem before, I would contact the creator on minddesk for support and I would delete it then redown load it.

Can't save in 3.0 format

Thing is, I uninstalled it and reinstalled and it still gives me the same errors. I found a similar problem in the forums: The file is corrupted its pretty old so I dont know if they managed to get a fix for it. Feels like it should be.

One thing that I can remember doing is trying to open a file from 2.0. Maybe it has something to do with the problem. I will try to uninstall it again and restart my computer. Maybe it will fix it.


Just make sure you fully uninstall the application, delete any remnants of the file.