Configurable Grid Overlay


I’ve only been using Qubicle for a little while, so it’s entirely possible I just haven’t found this, but it seems like the application doesn’t have an option to turn on a grid?

I know, I know… the matrix itself kind of looks like a grid, and has a coordinate system for the mouse pointer position, but what I mean is this…

Say you’re in the “Top” 2D view, in a 100x100x100 matrix. You want to draw a 10x10 block at the centre of the matrix. You basically have to move the mouse into what you think is the centre, checking the coordinates to see if you’re right, then move 5 voxels left, 5 voxels up, and then draw your 10x10 square. But, if I could overlay a Photoshop style grid, I could do all of this in half the time (see rough screenshot example).

I’m doing a lot of environment/architecture modelling with exact positioning and dimensions and it’s proving to be a slow process with these constant eye-balling measurements.

If someone tells me there IS a way to turn this on right now, I’m going to be embarrassed :slight_smile:


Just another example of where this hurts. I draw a “wall” in the iso view, and set the matrix grid to 5x5. I then switch into the “Front” view to do some detail work on the front of the wall, and I lose the ability to even see the grid.

Ideally, I’d like to never change the matrix grid as 1x1x1 makes sense when that is the unit of measurement of the voxels themselves. The overlay grid should allow me to then place a grid over the top of everything that lets me work on specific sectors.