Color single face of cubes at a time


Is this already possible? To not just color cubes with the same color, but color one side with a unique color compared to another side of the cube.

It would be handy for certain styles.


I do not think the developer will be doing this, or at least any time soon.

I believe I remember Tim speaking about this years ago in the past, but since it’s not currently here, I assume other matters needed attending first or it proved too difficult.

Considering how many problems are coming up with Qubicle 3, I think this should be a thing to be considered for the future rather than an urgent matter, but I admit that this would be a good feature and would set it apart from other voxel editors and make me use 3ds max less in my own workflow.


It would be a big time saver if it existed. Not the end of the world to need to do it in other 3d programs.

Maybe have the extra paint on “meta layers” which are treated as color on top, and modify exported models, but still allow exporting to other formats such as vox.


This would have such a big impact on the data model that It would mean a rewrite of a very big part of qubicle. I don’t plan to add this anytime soon, sorry