Clones in the Scene


I would love to see Qubicle to support clones in addition to duplicating an object. Background is, I’m fiddling around with voxel tiles and it would be great to clone one object to place it multiple times in a scene. They are all exactly the same object only rendered at different locations. If clicked for editing, changes are made to all clones, as they are driven from the same source.
With this, one can simply see if two tiles are seamless and it would even be possible to use Qubicle as a map editor for such things. Implementation should be pretty easy and straight forward, but the options are almost limitless, great leverage on the feature side!


Yes, this is something I definitely want. But Q3’s core libraries don’t support that. I promise that this will come, but not to Q3.


Great! I was also wondering about this feature, I’m glad it’s coming.

Any sneak peaks of the new render engine?