Can't save in 3.0 format


Only qbcl2.0 extension appears after I hit save has (See image)

This is a follow up to this bug (Corrupted file / duplicate not allowed) Which I never received support for btw.

I tried :


deleting registry,

Uninstalling 2.0 which still had files on my HD

Also, I cant save anything as the error (duplicates not allowed)

Really seems like somehow qubicle 2.0 is inteffering with 3.0

Anyway I can have qubicle ver.2 back? I can’t seem to make anything work on ver.3


I’ve never heard of that problem before, this may sound dumb, but are you sure you fully uninstalled the program? Like did you use the uninstaller before, downloading it and opening it up again? Also, make sure you try contacting the support again because the developer will respond. He has never let me down with any requests/problems. Btw he is working on the huge update for Qubicle so a lot of his time is spent there.