Camera view Qubicle


I found the tool great! But I missed 2 things:

1 * would be very useful if you had keys on the keyboard to move, rotate, zoom in on the view camera. Type the MagicaVoxel, but with the option to customize the keys.

2 * lack the option of camera in perspective … the current one bothers me, and it would be nice to have how to change it.


Please review this, it would help a lot this …


yes, yes, yes, don’t worry. Will come eventually


Really modeling with the current camera of the qubicle is pretty bad … it would look much better this way.


Some news, I did not get used to using this camera


?Still nothing about it?


I like this title where you talked about camera view Qubicle. Who gives the visibility form all the directions. Here some websites that are Qubicle.


Please tell me which CAD software are you using ?? I downloaded a recent one from which is lacking many features.


The dev is a one man team and is working on a new update, so just be patient.