Best way to create groupings?


So Im new into qubicle and just learning things little by little. I figured it would be a better workflow if i created groups when designing large characters/scenes. So my question is how do I group specific voxels together? I was thinking I could do it by creating new matrix or is there a better way?


@farquhar So I’m assuming you’re talking about grouping different voxels all in one mesh? Well if you are then I suggest using the “split-off” tool, in the modify tab on the menu/HUD. It will, do exactly what I think you’re talking about, so select the voxels in then click that button and it will make another mesh in the same position/location with those voxels. It separates those voxels from the original mesh, as the name suggests.

You can learn more about it here:

I suggest also reading everything in the “Learn” database, like read everything (it won’t take that long). You can find the main database here:

If you have any other problems, that cant be resolved by reading the “Learn” database or cant be solved on this forum, then I suggest contacting the developer here:

Good luck! I hope I helped: slight_smile: