Battlepus Creations


Hi, im Nathaniel, i Currently use Home edition of Qubicle to mess around modding Stonehearth
(if you want to check those out i am Heimerdinger on Stonehearth Discourse) but the more and more i mod , the more i want to make my own game out of my creations. If it ever gets working enough to sell it ill be sure to get that quby pro :wink: but right now its more of just a very strange hobby
Here is my mess XD

this imgur album is a bunch of random assets (but not all of them) for Battlepus, Its a mix of my love of Turrets with the randomness of Platypus, My favorite is the first picture because that is the beauty of combining Qubicle with Photoshop

My coder-Sama Prefers FBX in unity so i have been using that beautiful export button to make some animations

but my specialty is really making music and by specialty i mean the only thing i havenโ€™t been winging and depending on the simplicity of good programs like qubicle to make my life easier


well my old coder friend has vanished but
I have met another awesome new Coder sama who is getting my game on the run

he tries to post dev logs every wednesday and sunday

also in my spare time today i made a video of all battlepus animations up to date

i would like to say i really really appreciate the free Qubicle Indie upgrade and hope this and our other WIP Chicken Knight get rolling now that the voxelizer and terrain making will be available

Thanks alot Tim


Looking great! Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes videos!
All the best for your project!