In a far version of Qubicle, it would be nice to automate (all?) tools that offers this software.
In the idea, it would work as a macro: activating a new feature that records all our actions so that would be saved in a file. so we can now repeat as many times more repetitive tasks.

There is also an alternative vision: use Qubicle with a console. The idea is simple: Each command can be used through a command line. It would then be easier for us to create scripts / batch to automate some commands.

It’s an idea that I know to be complex to implement and that it takes time but it would give a different vision for this wonderful software and me (and I suspect for others) would save a lot of time!


Yes, a scriptable qubicle would be great. I always wanted to implement a Python Console. I have no idea how much time this would take, though. Doesn’t have any priority at the moment but we’ll see.