Any help or advise for how to use the landscape tool


im hopeing to make a voxel game and im gonna be useing unity 5 the help or addvise that i cant seem to find on this forums or the old ones after a look is any help and advise on how to make landscapes flow to go from montains to flatlands with out much editing from mutipull landscapes objects for like lets say 4 64 sized tarrains and joining them together to make them look like there was built like that so if i wanna make a area for mountains thats in a odd layout i can and it then flow it with flat lands with it so whjen i link it together it looks like one part

it would really help out with my devlopment if anyone can help thanks!

forgive my grammer and english its not good


Good question. I guess it will depend a bit on what kind of a game you want to develop, i.e. if e.g. the complete landscape will be visible all the time or if you have more of a “jump and run” and the landscape is continuously generated.

In Qubicle you can influence some parameters during the design of landscape. You could create 3 different versions… 1) mountain, 2) flatlands, 3) hills… and use the 3rd one to link 1) and 2). However, you will have to adjust the intersection manually, to have a real smooth transition.


ah ok thanks for that im have an idea for an rpg u see