Any good tutorials on creating environments in Qubicle?


Hi I’m totally new to Qubicle and we are currently looking at the demo version and it doesn’t give you access to any of the environment tools and we cant seem to find any good environment video tutorials online, has anybody got any links to Videos or articles please or any advice?
We are considering buying the package but we are unsure if we should just use Magical Voxel, both are new to us, any info would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.


I totally recommend using Both softwares, but use qubicle for modeling and use magicavoxel for rendering. Qubicle offers a lot more tools and has a more inuitive UI and is easy to learn.

Also for terrain generation qubicle has an in house generator which does an alright job, but if I’m trying to make really nice scenes you can make them in a software called “World painter” (originally for minecraft) and then export your terrain as a “high resolution heightmap” and import it into qubicle and your terrain will be ther in voxel form.

So For me it was worth the money for qubicle, really great software!


Thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile: we have now purchased Qubicle and we are using world painter to create an island which we are importing back into qubicle. when I export the map from qubicle as an .fbx it is taking over 12 hours to export a default world painter size heightmap of 640 x 256 x 640.
Is this normal to take so long?


Yes! It’s 100% normal. But also double check you are using the latest version of Qubicle which is 3.1.2, the latest version really improves export times. But even if your terrain is huge it will still take a while. For me, I have slow 2011 iMac and the longest a terrain export took was 5 days! If it looks like it’s stuck it’s not! Just let it keep export and it will finish I totally vouche on that. Even if it’s taking days, you can still do other things will it’s working, it will just take longer to finish, but DONT get out of it, like i said it will finish.