Animation Module?


Would love to see some sort of animation editor inside Qubicle. Even if it’s something simple like Stopmotion for the beginning, Just an all-in-one package for Voxel Creations, instead of having to find some external means of doing animations.


Hi Victor,

Qubicle 3 will not include animation features. 3D sprite animation is planned for Qubicle 4, which is currently in development!


Hi Qubicle Support,

Would you mind to elaborate more about “3D sprite animation” ? The output will be in picture format?



Hi all,

it sounds a bit like a static (Stop Motion) animation tool. I like the idea.

An integrated particle physics engine would be very nice. It could simulate floating liquids, flickering fire, explosions, smoke, moving clouds, waterfalls, wind blown textiles, spinning tornados, lightning bolts, sparkling electricity, snow, rain, volcanos, etc.
Also the Deformation Manipulators (as mentioned here) could be used in frame by frame animations.