Altrenative camera mode


It would be nice to have an alternate mode of viewing. Currently, the camera is fixed and rotates around the center point. It’s nice, but sometimes you need different angles and I find myself fighting with the camera. I was thinking it would be easier for some like me to fly around in the space (WASD + SPACE + SHIFT) and turn around using the mouse. I understand this is not necessarily easy to implement on an already developed software, but you have to know, this is the main reason I’m not using Qubicle right now. (I haven’t found a good alternative, and I put my model making journey on hold. I would really like to go back to Qubicle, but without a new way of moving the camera around, I’m afraid I’m only gonna get frustrated again with that.

Thanks for taking the time!


Thanks for your input. This feature will be included in a future release, but will take a while to implement.


Thank you for your consideration! Keep up the good work!