Additional Shape Tools


Qubicle is a masterpiece of it’s kind but I miss some features making things easier.

• Lathe Tool: Creates a Solid of Revolution or customizable Segment out of a rotated profile (eg. fountains, pedestal stairs, onion dome roofs, vases, donats, etc.)
• Procedural Tool: Skript based Objects like in Goxel
• Fractal Tool: Generates customized L-System Objects (eg. plants, trees, mountain ranges, etc.) and/or Path Extrusion Tool
• Dilate/Erode Region Tool: like in MagicaVoxel (eg. Snow Coverage Simulation)
• Planar Voxel Spray Tool: Slice-based Spray Effect (create/remove mode)
• Voxel Cloud Tool: A Double Sweep Object with volumetric Pattern (customizable Noise Density) and/or Shape-based Volumetric Spray Tool (could be a Shape Tool Modification which removes random voxels in spheres, boxes, cylinders, cones, pyramids and toruses)
• Spring Tool: Generates a customizable Spring (eg. spiral staircase)