Additional Export Feature for .QB exports


I love using Qubicle, but there’s one simple export feature I’d love to see if at all possible. I’m not sure how the exporter is written but as a coder it seems like it’d be an easy add?

Anyway, I have a character model with a bunch of parts separated out. Much like the example: image

Right now my process is to Export from Qubicle using the Individual Export function in the Qubicle Binary QB format. It’s great! Now, I want to import them directly into Unity and I just attach them to a rig I have in there. However, the position data of each individual voxel object part turns into an offset from the bone location that I don’t want. For instance, if the “head” object is at position [-10 : 21 : -7] in Qubicle, it retains that offset from the bone location in Unity. Ugh!

So what I have to do right now is manually move each part of the model in Qubicle to a specific position, then export it manually, and then do it again for each additional part. It’s pretty tedious. Additionally, the part can’t just be exported from [0:0:0] because I don’t want the part to pivot from that location on the bone. Instead, I use the pivot location and invert it. For instance, I have the Qubicle Pivot on the head part at [10,6,7]. To export it, I first move the head to [-10,-6,-7] which centers the pivot on the origin. Then I export the head object only. Then I move it back into place, and move to the next part. You can see how that is tedious.

What I would like is a checkbox feature that is “Export with Pivot at Origin”. This is how it would work in the Qubicle exporter:

For each Matrix in the Model:

  1. Move Matrix to inverse position of pivot
  2. Export Matrix as individual component
  3. Move Matrix back to original location

Basically, it’s a quick step in the exporter before and after each individual export command.

Hopefully this makes sense – it would REALLY speed up my workflow and at least SEEMS like a quick modification to make. If so, it would really help me out!

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:



I like the feature, If you use any 3rd party 3D software you can set pivot origin to the center of the geometry. Although a problem I encounter is that the mesh becomes damaged. So Id look into that.

Also contact the Qubicle developer for a feature request: