AcnEditName Bug on macOS Sierra in Qubicle 3


Hello. Keep up great work.

I have found a bug that’s very easy to reproduce.

  1. Open almost any popup, for example editing matrix name.
  2. Switch away from Qubicle to any other app.
  3. Switch back to Qubicle
  4. Click on the name field of the matrix’s Info again. A new popup is shown on top of the existing one. Two things indicate it: closing a popup still shows another popup and the more clicks the thicker the popup shadow grows.

Expected result:
While a popup is shown no field should be clickable or clicking on the news field should show the new pup up instead of the old one.

Actual result:
The popups just stack up which is apparently an unpredicted behaviour in Qubicle so it throws an exception:

Select object
CmdSelect: MiddlePuzzle_1_0_0
An uncaught exception occurred during the execution of AcnEditName Please report the bug.




This seems to be a problem with OSX. We’ll check it out.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.