Feature Requests

Multi-languages of Interface? ( 2 ) (32)
Background Images (1)
Advanced Fill Hollow Tool (1)
Zoom Tool Button (1)
Sculpting Brushes (4)
Plane moving handles for matrices (2)
Support for blueprints/prefabs/instances (2)
Make an option for navigational actions to not participate in undo/redo (2)
Move camera up / down whilst working (4)
Altrenative camera mode (3)
FBX export with userdata embedded to scene objects? (1)
Top home rotation, hotkeys, short cuts, paint tool, dropping selections to ground level (2)
Automation/macro (2)
[DONE] Export files individually (3)
FBX export scale option/toggle (2)
Linked Smart Matrixes (1)
1 voxel to 1 pixel PNG Export || Tying Resolution Gate to Zoom (1)
Multi-threading (2)
Transform to result option (3)
Pivot hide option (3)
View/Render Properties Save in file (4)
Possibility to have make several Soft Copies or Links of a Matrix (2)
Workarea boxes impeding workflow (5)
Color single face of cubes at a time (4)
Order of export filename (2)
Color Picker to take colors outside Qubicle (2)
[FIXED] Option to remove selection preview (4)
Nice features to add (4)
Perspective Camera (3)
Isometric Linear Snap shots and Animation? (3)