Bug Reports

Assigning Shortcuts Doesn't Work in 3.0.6 under macOS Sierra (2)
[NOT A BUG] Double click doesn't exit matrix mode on bigger matrices (3.0.6) (2)
Can't open voxelizer module (3)
[FIXED] Exporting problems with Obj in 3.0.4 (7)
[FIXED] Qubicle demo crash on startup (3)
[FIXED] Cant open qubicle 3.0.6 steam version? (9)
[SOLVED] Qubicle Wont start anymore (2)
[FIXED] Violation, Double Window Color Picker, Pivot and Renaming Bug? (6)
Voxelizer missing voxels (2)
Corrupted Save File (1)
Qubicle 2.0 - Missing Tools (2)
Exporting is adds offset of 0.5 to every model (8)
FBX Export's "Unit Scale Factor" Is Misleading And Incorrect (3)
50% chance of crashing on leaving matrix (7)
Texture on Mesh does not match Qubicle objects (Export to Unity3D with Manifold optimization) (2)
Quibble can't start (1)
Huge performance drop after "Apply Swatch" (1)
Shapes limited to 64x64 (4)
One Version Later Move Tool Still Laggy (2)
Invalid floating point operation (2)
Exporting large objects (3)
Integer scaling bug (3)
Export Matrix to FBX bug issue exporting Pivot (5)
Steam version Win 10 can't start (7)
Voxelizer doesn't work properly (3)
Strange voxel painting behaviour (1)
Qubicle 3.0.3 shows rainbow wheel all the time (performance problem on Mac) (7)
All personal preferences gone Q3 (3)
[FIXED] Cant work ! Viewport bug 3.0.3 (3)
[FIXED] FBX default name export problem (4)